Pre-Order Info

All Pre-Orders are scheduled to ship on the release dates of the products. Please keep in mind that release dates are subject to change by the manufacturers. We do not ship Pre-Orders before the release date of the product.

Pre-Order inventory priority is determined by the order that they are received & paid. If we receive less than anticipated, we will refund whoever was not able to get a product.

We ask that you purchase Pre-Order items separately from items that are in stock since they will be shipped together on the release of the Pre-Ordered item(s), when they are available to ship. If you have placed a mixed order and would like to have the items shipped separately*, please contact us. 

Pre-Orders are considered "reserved" once they are paid for. If your Pre-Order is not "reserved" we have the right to cancel at any time without further notice. You may re-order the same item at what ever Pre-Order price is available. Should any Pre-Order item be canceled by the manufacturer or distributor, we will notify you and refund payment.

*Additional shipping charges will be needed to ship your items separately