About Us

Welcome to Booster Patrol. Our goal is to share our desire for collecting Pokémon Cards with everyone. We do live breaks on twitch (Rip-N-Ship), as well as sell general inventory. Please follow us on our social platforms, we love the Poke-collectors and box breaking communities and would like to help contribute to the growth of the fam.

Please Read Before Ordering:

All prices are subject to change based on market values, as well as supply and demand. This goes for both our General Inventory and our Rip-N-Ship boosters.

*Please place Rip-N-Ship and General Inventory purchases separately. This helps ensure you don't get charged additional shipping of boosters purchased through Rip-N-Ship.*

Rip-N-Ship Guide:

Rip-N-Ship boosters are only available for live streams. You order the booster packs, and we open them live for you & the whole fam to see. Your cards are then stored safely, ready to be shipped out whenever you are. 

The Rip-N-Ship packs will be available one hour prior to going live (Twitch), follow us on Twitter and join us on Discord to know when the boosters go live.

Boosters purchased will be opened during the stream made on the same day of purchase. Leave your Twitch Name in the purchase order notes so we know that you're there to see your cards being pulled. We break packs in the order we receive them in. The Rip-N-Ship shop will be closed once all the boosters are sold out, or when the stream ends.

All your purchases are held onto safely with us until you are ready to have them shipped to you. When ready, you must purchase the 'Ready to Ship (Rip-N-Ship shipping)' item under our Rip-N-Ship shop and pay for the shipping. When checking out you will be given the option to choose whether you want just the hits or hits and the bulk. After completing the order, we will package all your orders and ship them out at once. We ship out Rip-N-Ship purchases every Monday morning (HST).

Once boosters are opened, there are non-refundable.

If you have any more questions regarding purchasing live breaks through Rip-N-Ship, please contact us